How It Works



Drew Rankel and J.R. Martinez collect balls after the record attempt.


Step 1: A fun event!
Step 2: Deflate!


BWB holds community events nationwide to collect new and used soccer balls. We do this at tournaments, and by partnering with leagues, teams and individuals. But there is more at work here than simple ball drives.  When the game play stops and youth bring forward the balls they have to donate, then just for a moment, they are connected to other youth, far away, in lesser and often dangerous circumstances.

Footage: BWB Guiness World Record Break Narrated by J.R. Martinez

From our office, organizers package and ship the balls to our contacts in the field to overcome the challenges to distribution of the balls. Some of these organizations include: FINCA, Doctors Without Borders, Peace Corps, United Nations, USAID, Military branches, Orphanages, Missionaries, CARE International, Embassy’s, etc.

Drew Rankel of Woodland Hills, Ca deflates soccer balls headed to 18,000 orphans growing up in South Africa's MaAfrika Tikkun Orphanages


Step 3: Package and Ship

Young Mila Ledek, left, signed a ball that went to the Mathatre Slums in Kenya!

Special Thanks to our sponsor Excalibur International for this endeavor!

After the balls arrive, they are inflated and handed out to the youth, often with great ceremony. This is where we see the magic happen and try to capture the images of children’s faces as they light up.

Step 4: Reinflate and Distribute


Kids recieved the balls shipped from Pacific Palisades, Ca. to Johanesburg, South Africa (very nearly the furthest place from it on a map) less than two weeks later during the World Cup!


Balls Without Borders is a registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity Non-Profit Organization helping children in need find a new perspective through sport. Photos and current activity reports will be updated periodically so please check back.